CrossFit is not for Aesthetics, its for Ability.

What are we really here for?

Oh boy...this may burst some bubbles...

CrossFit is more about enhancing your ability than it is for aesthetics.

Now, we still know everyone wants to look better naked, however, we believe it is more important to be able to:

  • Carry in your groceries at 80 years old
  • keep up with your kids
  • be able to take a walk in the winter and not worry about blowing out a knee if you slip and fall
  • or, many other highly physical things like sports or camping or whatever you love

BUT, that does not mean the two are mutually exclusive. You can have both.

First, let's take a look at our programming.
CrossFit is sexy and exciting. It nurtures community and certainly opens up your eyes to what you may think you are capable of.
We do not want to eliminate those fun aspects, but we also know that building strength is extremely crucial.

This is why we start most days with our "Strength" portion. This is why we tell you to go slow and controlled with perfect form. This is why we have "Not for time" workouts occasionally.
This is your foundation! The reps and speed are all meticulously planned out.
If you want better aesthetics (more muscle mass = higher metabolism), strength (keep your knees safe when hiking, your back safe when doing chores), ability (to carry your kids longer, to carry a pack or canoe through the woods, or be more efficient at your job?), times in your workout or run or bike ride to go down...then focus more attention and effort into this part of class!

Next, the kitchen.
Who has heard the "abs are made in the kitchen" line? Probably more like who hasn't. Either way, you are likely familiar with the concept.
You should not be working out to offset your less than perfect diet.
You should be fueling your body for a specific purpose.

We know there are many pieces to this puzzle and mastering them is nothing short of a journey. Yet we all know how important it is.
If you want to look better, think more clearly, be less tired, be more creative, be less grouchy, have a higher sex name a few...then you must shift your focus in the kitchen.
Remember, protein starts every meal. Two handfuls of veggies. Three fingers of healthy fats. Three to four meals a day.
Lots of water. Avoid processed food as much as possible. Have a plan for snacks. Meal prep on Sunday and Wednesday if possible.

Last, the little things we continue to harp on:

  • SLEEP! Nothing you do will matter if you do not get adequate rest and recovery. If you are constantly beat up physically, it will eventually drain you emotionally. Get better sleep! (Sorry to all the parents with little kids!)
  • Water. You probably are still not getting enough. Start your day with a big class of water.
  • WOD's. Stop beating the crap out of yourself. Times on the board are for others to reference, not to see who is the best. Have a plan for each workout and methodically work through it. Unless we are doing a Tababa (:20 sprints), or something like Fran (2-3 minutes) then you should not be peeling yourself off the floor after each workout. Leads to overuse injuries, adrenal fatigue, possibly a weaker immune system, and more.

Sometimes we write blogs as reminders to get the point across when us saying in class misses the target.
This is nothing you haven't heard before but maybe this one will stick.

Keep up the great work! See you all soon!

Coach Ryan

CrossFit is not for Aesthetics, its for Ability.

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