Every movement counts

Train to remain capable

I think we all can agree, there are some days where you look at the whiteboard and say to yourself “why are we doing that movement?” 

Turkish get-ups, bear crawls, windmills…How do these apply to my real life?

You aren’t alone. 

You may even question: why go heavy? Why go fast? Why do any of this at all?

Here is why.

Working out at a certain intensity or weight will cause your body to adapt to that stimulus. CrossFit encourages us to challenge our limits with each workout. We do this so later in life, should we have to perform a task at a high intensity or weight, we will have the capacity to perform. We train not just for today, but for 5, 10, 20 years down the road.

We deadlift so you can lift a trailer onto a hitch or pick up a couch. We improve your anaerobic capacity in case you need to sprint up 4 flights of stairs to get to a patient or so you can go for long mountain bike rides. We perform planks and hollow holds to teach you to brace our midline so you don’t throw out your back shoveling all the snow we get. We do this to create a buffer between a real-life situation and what your body is capable of. The more capacity, the more capable you are!

Additionally, intensity and weight help prevent illness. Lifting weights strengthens your bones to ward off osteoporosis. Aerobic and anaerobic activity strengthen the heart to reduce the risk of disease and high cholesterol. You are much less likely to get hurt and can even recover faster, as your body has dealt with the stress and repair from the workouts

So, when you see the movements on the whiteboard and are asking the big questions, remember working out is how you build strength, capacity, and durability for your body and, more importantly, your life.

Every movement counts

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